Virtual Reality, Empathy, and the Healthcare Profession 

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Visit Empathy Hospital © and move from room to room to encounter different scenarios.

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Point and click on prompts to learn more about each situation and experience different roles to widen your perspective of each situation. 

Learn the skills and habits that have been proven to help healthcare professionals provide patient-centered care. 

Watch instructional videos along the way!

Experience fun and engaging "choose your own adventure" stories with different endings!

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Is Virtual Reality Really Useful?



 It is fun! It engages the  viewer unlike any other training experience.

And as a strategic tool, we can use it to stimulate conversations about the value of empathy within different workplace situations. 

With the right type of virtual reality, healthcare professionals have the chance to have realistic, embodied and moving, empathic experiences, and PC-based computer training and learning systems simply can provide this. 

In virtual space, we can create situations in which members of your team can adopt the roles of others and understand their challenges. These experiences facilitate our discussions during our workshops.

Many thanks to all the people at the UCF College of Medicine who provided invaluable logistical support for this project!

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