Walkway Safety Audits and Virtual Reality Training 

Most of us hear about falls from the media who often portray them as humorous, akin to the picture to the right. 

But the truth is, falls aren't funny!

Accidental falls are the cause of the majority of emergency room visits in the United States. And the majority of deaths of people 65 years or older are a consequence of accidental falls. 


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These humorous accounts often portray slip, trips, and falls claims as only acts of fraud. While this is true in certain instances, the facts paint a very different picture.  As the figure to the left shows, most falls are caused by walkway surfaces, and are thus preventable. 

◦--The estimated annual cost of workplace slips, trips, and falls exceeds $30 billion.

◦--15% of workers comp claims are from slips, trips, and falls.

◦--Since 1980, personal injury lawsuits have risen by more than 300%

If the problems of slips, trips, and falls are avoidable, what can an organization do to prevent these unnecessary accidents?

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Virtual Reality Safety Training.

Our slip, trip, and fall prevention learning programs will instill within your team the necessary habits for recognizing falls hazards and preventing costly on-site injuries. 


Below are are few images from our projects, contact us today to try out one of our interactive 360 VR demos!

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Our virtual reality learning systems offer novel approaches for testing a trainee's understanding of the material that far surpass conventional, largely impractical methods. 

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Our virtual reality learning gaming experiences allow members of your team to recognize hazards before someone falls and can be created as "choose your own adventure" games with multiple story endings. 

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