Train the Trainer

Experience our engaging train the trainer programs for the healthcare industry!

 Relational Empathy © Certification for Healthcare Professionals
Not all train the trainer programs are the same, here is how we are different:

#1 Our programs are customized to fit your needs.

The majority of train the trainer options today offer "cookie cutter" programs. But we have resisted this tendency in light of the fact that no two healthcare organizations are alike.

All of our programs are customized, and begin with an assessment your organization's culture and a detailed analysis of your needs. 

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#2. All of our customized train the trainer programs incorporate virtual reality.

Once we perform our initial in-house assessment of your culture and needs, we then will create virtual reality experiences in order to provide simulated and visceral experiences that will be used during the customized train the trainer program we will create for you and your team.

#3 We are the only organization approved to teach the skills and habits of Relational Empathy. ©

All of our train the trainer programs are built upon the award-winning and internationally recognized theory of relational empathy. 


Learn more about relational empathy here

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